I've been favoriting and archiving some of the many interesting pictures that people have been posting to twitter, using the #infsum hastag, as part of the Infinite Summer project. I've been tinkering around, trying to automate the process using the twitter API in order to get a nice clean-looking aggregated output. But when I saw this tweet today, I thought I'd share some of what I've got so far. Note: I have made the, I hope not irrational, assumption that people who posted these pictures to twitter would not mind having them aggregated here. These images remain the property of the individuals who originally posted them. If you find an images of yours here and would like it removed, just let me know (email me at cforster[at]virginia.edu). By the same token, if you've got an image that you think would fit here, let me know that as well. I'll continue tinkering and update later. (This first, big, one is my dog Rodney with Infinite Jest.) Rodney and Infinite Jest
suburbistan: p234 #infsum Good night all!
peterknox: UES #infsum
CAlex6977: geen locatieThis is how my night went. #infsum
mona_s: Jack is also getting into Infinite Jest #infsum
piscivorous: @donaldtaylorii's heavily bookmarked copy of IJ from Thursday's meetup #infsum
@D3WEY: #infsum Mammy learns to read.
@katieschenk: Layover in Minneapolis. #infsum
@joel_meyer: IJ at the campsite near Beacon, NY. Weighs as much as our tent. #infsum
@suburbanangst: Whole Foods, Columbus Circle #infsum #nyc
@suburbistan: After a long day of biking in the mountains Infinite Jest awaits. #infsum
@dnee: i get home, there's no one here, i figure i'll read more Infinite Jest, only to find my dog has EATEN IT #infsum
@artisstu: Infinite Jest #infsum at Fat Mat's Rib Shack in Atlanta
@suburbistan: Getting out of Dodge #infsum
@artisstu: a little travel shot #infsum
@peterknox: Hoboken Pier reading #infsum
@robertsharp59: Mighty pleased with my waypoint markers for #infsum. I've scibbled the appropriate dates on them too!
@peterknox: #infsum uws
@RadioConelrad: Seemed like a good idea at the time... #infsum
@shakes1327: Got it, now I just need to read it... #infsum #moonfruit
@corpuslibris: My #infsum plans are temporarily thwarted. I'm supposed to read that, Twizzler!
@e_olsen: Infinite summer indeed. #infsum
@mdflores: Ditched the party to keep up with the #infsum folks.
@jenahearn: not only this, they ate one of my bookmarks entirely! #infsum
@ALSinger: Pablo cuddles up with his favorite postmodern novel #infsum
@peterknox: juxtaposition indeed #infsum
@WaterSlicer: Year of Glad - reading in a pool overlooking the water. #InfSum
@adrianclark: A week late but hey ho, let's go! @infinitesummer #infsum
@gaughanj: The bookmark makes it look much more intimidating. I have time, right? #infsum.